How we do things

In search of ultimate productivity

Smart design and technology

Smartblocks are made to accommodate the people working within — with zero distraction and no time wasted getting the tech to do what you want.

Bold exploration and innovation

We take no shortcuts or easy ways out when it comes to finding the best features, materials and user experiences.

We build smart things. They save time.

This is our way

Whatever we do, we do it well

Every Smartblock is made in Finland. From the first idea to the final touches before shipping, we do it all by ourselves.

This allows us to focus more on delivering our promise: radical efficiency in your workplace.

We do not believe in manuals

Boosting productivity has to start with a user experience that is so smooth you won’t even notice it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Everything we build must be fully operable by users without a manual, purely by intuition.

No-one left behind

We take pride in our customer service, which doesn’t stop at the initial sale.

Let us give you a pleasant surprise with our quick and genuinely enthusiastic service. Let’s figure out how to improve your business together.

About Smartblock

Expanding the product family

We pave the way for a wider range of smart productivity and well-being products for the workplace.

The meeting pod family is our first vision brought to life. It will always be special to us.